Our Services

When you need to dispose of surplus equipment or arrange transportation, moving and storage.

  • Moving an office
  • Closing an office
  • Transporting equipment
  • Looking for home office or an executive suite
  • Storing equipment for future use

IT Recovery Specialists provides a full set of services for Asset Evalution, Asset Removal, Asset Salvage, Asset Recaimation, and Asset Remarketing. A brief description of these processes include:

This website only contains a subset of all the equipment we have. Give us a call and we'll make our best effort to find the equipment you need and accomodate your needs.

Asset Evaluation:

IT Recovery Specialists can provide a market value for capital equipment. IT Recovery Specialists professionals have extensive experience in evaluating high technology equipment. We test all the equipment in our IT Recovery Specialists Testing lab to verify the condition of received equipment.

Asset Removal:

IT Recovery Specialists provides licensed technicians, electricians and movers to complete the task of properly dismantling, packaging and transporting equipment. This service is provided nationwide and internationally (when required).

Asset Storage:

IT Recovery Specialists provides ample warehousing space for equipment storage.

Asset Salvage:

IT Recovery Specialists works with several external sources in salvaging obsolete of damaged equipment. This includes the safe disposal of hazardous materials such as CRTs and monitors.

Asset Reclamation:

IT Recovery Specialists has facilities to retest and certify high technology equipment.

Asset Remarketing:

IT Recovery Specialists provides multiple sales channels for remarketing assets. This includes bulk sales, direct sales, Internet and auctions.